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LOGAN (2017): X-23 Rumored To Appear

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X-23 Suspected To Appear In Logan

Speculation that X-23 will play a role in Logan has been stoked by a small detail in the teaser poster for the X-Men spin-off film.

Set to cap off the Wolverine film series, Logan is being promoted as the darkest movie in the franchise to date. Reportedly, both Wolverine and Professor X will be in poor condition, with the former being greatly sapped of his powers.

As for X-23, the character’s involvement has far from been confirmed, but an unknown source close to the production claims that the teaser poster contains evidence of her role in the film:

Additionally, the information targets the child’s hand glimpsed on the teaser poster: apparently, that hand belongs to a young mutant girl that was turned into a “killing machine” by a government operation called Transigen. And yes — that little girl is X-23. While she’s not called X-23 or Laura Kinney by name, The Wrap states that she will have “two claws instead of three,” which — when combined with the proposed origin story — seems to make her Laura Kinney, or at least a Laura Kinney analogue. There’s been no confirmation by Fox yet that this character is named X-23, but all the details are in place.

This character also seems like X-23 because she’s been rumored to be a part of the film for a while now. The post-credits scene in “X-Men: Apocalypse” even teased Laura’s involvement by having a mysterious corporation take a vial of Wolverine’s blood, possibly for cloning purposes.

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