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LONDON HAS FALLEN (2016) Movie Poster: London Bridge Is Falling Down

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London Has Fallen Movie Poster. The one-sheet for Babak Najafi‘s London Has Fallen (2016) has been released in anticipation of the film’s release this Spring. A sequel to the Antoine Fuqua action movie – a fairly violent, competent B-movie – this film retains the same characters but places them in danger elsewhere on the globe, namely, London. This means Morgan Freeman is back, Gerard Butler is back as the President’s bodyguard, and Aaron Eckhart returns as President of the United States.

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Take a look the new movie poster for London Has Fallen below!

London Has Fallen Poster

What do you think? It basically tells you the three things you need to know: its a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, the same actors are in it, and there’s a new terror plot, which now takes place in London. I, for one, am curious. I haven’t seen any of Babak Najafi’s work, however, which gives me pause, as a quick glance at his IMDb tells me he hasn’t helmed a film of this size, possibly, ever. He’ll either prove himself as a solid action director, or provide the main reason this film won’t feel as assuredly made as Fuqua’s original was.

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