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LOOPER (2012): Rian Johnson Commentary Track, Timeline Infographic

Looper French Movie Poster

Looper Timeline Infographic, Rian Johnson Track Commentary. A Rian Johnson  Looper (2012) commentary track and Wired Magazine’s Timeline inforgraphic have been released. The commentary track that director Rian Johnson created to accompany the entire length of the film is apparently not the one that will appear on the DVD and Blu-ray of the film. The audio commentary track is illuminating to the film, as is the Looper (2012): 10 Mysteries of the Film Explained by Rian Johnson.

Wired Magazine and Noah Iliinsky‘s Timeline inforgraphic “tries to explain the timelines of the film. It’s interesting but still can’t line everything up perfectly. Not that it was ever meant to.”

The Looper Timeline inforgraphic:

Looper Timeline Infographic Wired Magazine

Looper Timeline inforgraphic

I saw Looper and liked the filmed, loved its first act, the cinematography, and the use of time as a weapon. Having seen so many time travel movies and Star Trek episodes, I didn’t really need the time travel aspects explained to me but some do.

The French Looper movie poster:

Looper French movie poster

Looper French movie poster

Listen to and download the Rian Johnson Looper commentary track here and leave your thoughts on it. For more Looper photos, videos, and information, visit our Looper Page, subscribe to us by Email, follow us on Twitter or on FacebookLooper is currently in US and international theaters.

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