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Mark Burnett and Create First Social TV Network. Producer Mark Burnett and will allow viewers to create 15-second videos that are filtered and then broadcast on TV—thereby creating the first social TV Network. This venture joins the Burnett company Video In My Back Yard and CEO of Chris Wyatt. This will create a web series, essentially, interactive content in which the creator of the series, invites viewers to be on television. Burnett will also produce 250 short programs that will introduce and establish identity to the network. Mark Burnett states:

“As a TV producer, I love nothing more than finding the next big thing. When I put Survivor on television, no one, including me, knew how popular reality television would become,” said Burnett, who also produced The Apprentice and The Voice. “Now, Youtoo is paving the way for social TV, which is the next generation of television.”

How this will work? Viewers will be able to create these 15-second videos, or “frame spots,” and within minutes, see themselves on television, to an audience of approximately 15 million viewers. To include, YouToo will also launch a programming line-up that will feature re-runs of popular TV shows and movies, such as The X-Files and, The Green Hornet.  At some point during the shows–viewers will have the chance to voice their opinions–via responding to the questions purposed to them, then have their responses aired on the station. These “segments” are to be hosted by Miss USA Shandi Finnessey, former American Idol contestant Mikalah Gorgon, and actor Brian Kimmet. The X-Files Dean Haglund will co-host these segments, as well. There will even be the interactive programming option Say Yes and Marry Me, which offer viewers the opportunity to propose marriage on-air.

Now, how will prevent viewers seeing inappropriate content (i.e. nudity)? There is an automated filtering system in place that delete this type of material before any video is shown to viewers. The system will also filter any “objectionable material” from the uploaded videos and the videos are converted into broadcast quality. There are producers that will view the video’s and select ones to air as soon as three minutes later.

“Will this business enhance everyone’s TV shows? That’s the play,” says Burnett (Survivor, The Voice), who’s considering a financial stake in the venture with his business partner, media giant Hearst. “It seems obvious, but someone’s got to do it.”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter,

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