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MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (2015) Movie Poster & Image: A New Jeff Nichols Sci-Fi Film In Our Midst

Midnight Special Movie Poster & Image Released

Midnight Special Movie Poster and Movie Image Released. If you’ve never seen the ambiguous, small-town sci-fi/drama Take Shelter (2011), I highly urge you to do so. Michael Shannon is incredible in it, and director Jeff Nichols really shows his storytelling chops in that film. Delightfully, then, there’s news of another Nichols directed sci-fi film, also starring Shannon, and he’s brought Joel Edgerton and Kirsten Dunst along. I am so down for this.

Take a look at the movie poster and first movie image below!

Midnight Special Movie Poster

Midnight Special Movie Image

According to FirstShowing, “A father (Michael Shannon) and son go on the run after learning his child possesses special powers. Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special has always been billed as more of a family film, and it has a PG-13 rating. In an interview Nichols explained the origin of the idea behind this: ‘I want to make a 1960’s biker film. I want to make a big, PG summer blockbuster family film, kind of like I want to revamp Tremors. I’ve got an idea for that. That kind of movie.’ This is Jeff Nichols’ fourth feature film, following Shotgun Stories, Take Shelter and Mud previously. Warner Bros originally had this set for release this Thanksgiving, but pushed it back until next year. Midnight Special now opens in theaters starting March 18th, 2016 next year.”

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Sources: FirstShowing, IMDb

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