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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 (2015): Production Stopped For Ending Rewrite

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Mission Impossible 5 Halts Production To Rewrite Ending. Things are not looking promising on the set of Mission: Impossible 5 after the film halted its production in London in order to rewrite the film’s ending. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Christopher McQuarrie was granted the extra time to come up with an improved ending with the aid of an unnamed writer friend. Mission: Impossible 5 halting production comes as a surprise after Paramount Picture’s recent announcement that the film’s release date was being bumped up from December 25th to July 31st, leading many to conclude that the production was ahead of schedule.

A Paramount Pictures studio rep on why the film halted shooting,

Chris, Tom and a third person wanted to take a minute to get from what they thought was a good place to a more perfect place.

Although it is not unusual to make frequent changes to the script over the course of shooting, it is highly unusual as well as costly for a film to shut down amidst production to do a complete rewrite, although doing so is not a guarantee for failure. Paramount Pictures 2013 film World War Z also halted production in order to rework the ending and that film went on to be a success at the worldwide box office bringing in $540 million. So far Paramount is playing it cool. When asked about the film’s rewrite being a concern one high level executive stated,

Are you kidding? We made World War Z.

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 Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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