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MODUS ANOMALI (2012) Movie Trailer: Joko Anwar, Rio Dewanto

Rio Dewanto, Modus Anomali

Modus Anomali Trailer. Joko Anwar‘s Modus Anomali (2012) movie trailer stars Rio Dewanto, Hannah Al Rashid, Aridh Tritama, Izzi Isman, and Sadha Triyudha. Modus Anomali‘s plot synopsis: “During a vacation in the woods, a man tries to find his family who mysteriously disappear, while being hunted by a sadistic killer. His only clues are several alarm clocks which seem to tell him about a deadline to something he doesn’t know.”

Looks like an above average thriller movie, well-shot also.

Watch Modus Anomali movie trailer and leave your thoughts on it below in the comments section. For more Modus Anomali photos, videos, and information, visit our Modus Anomali Page. Modus Anomali has no US release date yet but will be released in April 26, 2012 in Indonesia.

Source: Twitchfilm