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THE MUPPET SHOW: ABC Looking to Revive the Classic Series

The Muppet Show

ABC Working On Muppets Revival. ABC is filming a proof of concept for a modern day version of the The Muppet Show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, if the May presentation goes well the show could go straight to series. Bill Prady, the co-creator of The Big Bang Theory is co-writing the script for the pilot presentation. Bob Kushell (Anger Management) will co-write and act as showrunner while Randall Einhorn (Wilfred) will executive produce and direct the presentation. ABC’s Muppets revival is being produced by ABC Studios and The Muppets Studios (both owned by Disney).

Here is what THR reports will be the synopsis for the pilot

The regular cast of characters created by Jim Henson — Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Animal, among others — gathering at ABC Studios for a meeting about the new Muppet Show. However, the show won’t move forward unless Miss Piggy signs on, and her current relationship with frequent love Kermit is on the rocks, preventing the show from getting off the ground. Early plans call for two celebrity cameos — including Miss Piggy’s current co-star — as well as new roles including Fozzie’s girlfriend and her parents.

2015 is the perfect time for a Muppet Show revival. The 1976 Muppet Show was a huge success due to its show within a show format. The colorful Muppet characters appealed to children and the celebrity guests and witty humor kept the adults just as entertained. Modern day series like America’s Got Talent and X-Factor are have been successful in large part to their variety show type of appeal.

A 2015 version of The Muppet Show would offer the “twitter generation” the meta-narratives, live performances and self-deprecating  celebrities that they have proven to be hungry for. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see Waldorf and Statler heckling Justin Bieber?

The Muppet Show Synopsis:

The Muppet Show is a half-hour variety show in which Kermit the Frog and the Muppets put on a weekly musical/comedy revue at the Muppet Theater. Unfortunately for them, things never quite go according to plan, for the Muppets or their weekly guest stars.

While Kermit had been featured extensively in other programs in the past, this show marked the introduction of a large, varied cast, including the hapless comedian  Fozzie Bear, the diva superstar Miss Piggy, the lunatic daredevil artiste Gonzo, the wild drummer Animal, the unintelligible Swedish Chef, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker of Muppet Labs, and many others. Their performances consistently fail to entertain the old curmudgeons Statler and Waldorf , who provide a running commentary of wise-cracks.

The action in each episode was balanced between the on-stage acts and the frantic activity backstage. The concept was reminiscent of old-time radio shows like The Jack Benny Program, where the star struggled to put on a weekly show amidst personal problems and an often uncooperative cast.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Muppet.Wikia

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