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MUTANTLAND (2011) Short Film, Poster: Phil Tippett, William Groebe


MutantLand Short Film, Poster. Phil Tippett‘s MutantLand (2011) short film, short film poster stars William Groebe. MutantLand‘s plot synopsis: “As the sun goes down in the dark and terrifying place that is Mutant Land, the creatures roaming this world are on the ultimate search for food.”

The MutantLand short film poster:

MutantLand Short Film Poster

MutantLand short film poster

The MutantLand short film photo:



Great animated short. Its right up there with the Rosa (2011) short film in terms of quality and entertainment value. I wish it was a little longer though.

More on the plot of MutantLand: “The film follows the fate of a motley crew of MutantLand creatures who are hunted for food – most notably by an over-sized creature dubbed ‘The Butcher’ – in a strange, crazy and almost post-apocalyptic world.”

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  • http://twitter.com/DeadLeaFMoth MonteBeckett

    It should be called ‘after THE MIST cleared’.

  • http://film-book.com/ Film-Book.com

    Good one. The Mist was a great movie. Loved the ending.