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New York City Horror Film Festival 2010: Film Lineup and Schedule


The film lineup and schedule for the 2010 New York City Horror Film Festival (NYCHFF 2010) has been announced. New York City Horror Film Festival “was established by Michael J. Hein in 2001. It takes place each year in New York City for a week in October or November and specializes in the horror film genre.” The film festival will be held at  Tribeca Cinemas on November 11, 2010 through November 14, 2010 at the Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick Street) in New York City.

Day 1 (November 11th):

The synopsis for Bereavement:

“In 1989, six year old Martin Bristoll was kidnapped from his backyard swing in Minersville Pennsylvania. Graham Sutter, a psychotic recluse, kept Martin imprisoned on his derelict pig farm, forcing him to witness and participate in unspeakable horrors. Chosen at random, his victim’s screams were drowned out by the rural countryside. For five years, Martin’s whereabouts have remained a mystery, until 17 year old Allison Miller (Alexandra Daddario) comes to live with her Uncle, Jonathan (Michael Biehn). While exploring her new surroundings, Allison discovers things aren’t quite right at the farmhouse down the road. Her curiosity disturbs a hornet’s nest of evil and despair that once torn open, can never be closed. Starring Michael Biehn, Brett Rickaby, Alexandra Daddario, and John Savage. Written and Directed by Stevan Mena (NYHFF).

“‘Inferno’ / 2 min / USA
A desperate man is given a chance to redeem his past sins by delivering a strange Black Case to a Mystery Man who promises to end the suffering of the woman he loves, but the Black Case has other plans for him. Directed by Jarid Boyce” (NYFF).

“‘Lazarus Taxon’ / 14 min / Spain
The consequences of global warming are at its peak when one man crosses the New Sea trying to save his daughter from the clutches of death. Directed by Denis Rovira” (NYFF).

“‘Stephen King’s Flowers for Norma’ / 13 min / USA
A young man walks the streets of 1963 NY looking for love, only to find Love is not what he thought it was. Directed by Juan Reinoso” (NYFF).

“‘Written By’ / 15 min / USA
Two hotshot screenwriters lock themselves in a room to finish a script about a haunted clown doll. Directed by Karni Baghdikian” (NYHFF).

Day 2 (November 12th):

The synopsis for Yellow Brick Road:

“One morning in 1940, the entire population of Friar, New Hampshire walked north together up an unmarked trial and into the wilderness. They left behind their clothes, money, and essentials. Their dogs were tied to posts and left to starve. Many were later found frozen to death. Others were found slaughtered. But most were never found. In 2010, the coordinates for the ‘YELLOWBRICKROAD’ trailhead are declassified. An expedition begins in hope of answers. A few among them believe they will find something terrible in the forest. But it is the forest that will find something terrible in them. Directed by Andy Mitton & Jesse Holland” (NYHFF).

“‘DemiUrge Emesis’ / 3 min / USA
A mummified cat is tormented by the skeletons of past meals in this stop-motion short directed by MTV and Sci Fi station ID veteran, Voltaire and narrated by Danny Elfman. Directed by Aurelio Voltaire” (NYHFF).

“‘Laura’ / 10 min / France
Laura is on her way back home and not feeling so well, so you better not try to do anything stupid with her. Directed by Gallien Guibert” (NYHFF).

“‘Remote’ / 19 min / Canada
Temporarily connected in time, a man tries to prevent the murder of a young woman, living in his house 30 years in the past. Directed by Marc Roussel” (NYHFF).

Day 2 Part 2 (November 12th):

The synopsis for Don’t Go in the Woods:

“A truly original rock and roll musical-slash-horror film (with an emphasis on the “slash”), When an up-and-coming band goes into the woods to write songs for an album that could be their big break, their quiet weekend turns deadly as, one by one, they are attacked by an unseen murderer. A smart and scary riff on how people are, literally, dying to break into show business, “Don’t Go In The Woods,” is the directorial debut of renowned actor Vincent D’Onofrio. Featuring songs by Sam Bisbee
Starring: Bo Boddie, Eric Bogosian, Gwynn Galitzer,
Directed by Vincent D’Onofrio
*Mr. D’Onofrio will attend screening w/ Q&A following. Then join us at the after party featuring live music from the film!” (NYHFF).

“‘Der Antrag’ (The Proposal) / 8 min / Germany
A young woman sitting in a cafe waiting for her lovely boyfriend gets an extraordinary wedding proposal later that day. Directed by Benjamin Gutsche” (NYHFF).

“‘The Motel’ / 9 min / USA
Alone in a mysterious motel, a hungry traveler tries to make the best of it, with dire results. Directed by Daniel Schanler” (NYHFF).

“‘Red’ / 10 min / Canada
Red” is a contemporary retelling of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, set in the desolate urban environment and executed in film-noir style. Directed by Kevin McGuiness” (NYHFF)

“‘The Hatter’s Apprentice’ / 16 min / USA
An eager hat-maker’s apprentice creates a hat before his training is complete, and then must struggle to escape the grip of madness. Directed by Derek Meyer” (NYHFF).

Day 3 (November 13th):

The synopsis for The Pack:

“The Pack follows Charlotte, a beautiful but rough around the edges kind of girl, who drives a beat-up station wagon in the countryside of northern France. Her journey takes a turn when she picks up a mysterious hitchhiker, with whom she strikes an unusual bond. Stopping at a roadside diner, her new companion strangely disappears, and Charlotte finds herself knocked unconscious and held captive. She soon encounters a peculiar and disturbed woman, and discovers that her blood is being used to feed a “pack” of flesh-eating ghouls. What will happen to her next? Starring Emilie Dequenne, Benjamine Biolay, Yolande Moreau. Directed by Franck Richard” (NYHFF).

“‘The Story of a Mother’ / 18 min / Italy
In the coldest night, Death takes the life of a child, his mother will do everything to recover him, even lose all she has. Directed by Alessandro De Vivo & Ivano Di Natale” (NYHFF).

“‘Compulsion’ / 18 min / USA
Curtis, a gleefully sadistic serial killer who preys on young women, follows Leslie home one night and terrorizes her only to discover he may have bitten off more than he can chew. An unexpected game of cat and mouse ensues, culminating in a violent conclusion. Directed by Jon Myers” (NYHFF).

“‘Bienvendia A Casa’ (Welcome Home) / 16 min / Spain
Welcome Home is a chilling tale of displacement, the undead, and the search for new beginnings that will redefine the meaning of family. This family won’t leave you, nor let you go! Directed by Yahaira Paulino” (NYHFF).

“‘Recollection’ / 14 min / USA
After awakening in a freshly dug grave, a man with no name and no memories struggles to escape a nightmarish lair while trying to understand who he is and why he’s being hunted. Directed by Federico D’Alessandro” (NYHFF).

Day 3 Part 2 (November 13th):

The synopsis for Outcast:

“Taking place in modern day Edinburgh, Scotland, OUTCAST unmasks an ancient Celtic society, where black magic exists. Mary , a witch with extraordinary strength, is on the run as she tries to protect her son, Fergal, from a dangerous hunter assigned to kill them to hide the truth of their past. Starring Kate Dickie, Niall Bruton, and James Nesbitt. Directed by Colm McCarthy” (NYHFF).

“‘The Long Night’ / 12 min /Australia
A vampire sits in a cafe before dawn waiting for the sun to end his weary existence, but his plan is interrupted by an excitable young boy and a viscous psychopath. Directed by Richard Williamson” (NYHFF).

“‘Choreomania’ / 9 min / Scotland
A sinister contagion has overtaken Scotland turning people into dancing maniacs. Directed by Louis Paxton” (NYHFF).

“‘Dead Run’ / 9 min / Australia
The dead have overrun the city, hunting the living and eating their flesh. Only a few survivors remain, this is the story of one of them. Directed by Miguel Angel Arce” (NYHFF).

“‘Beating Hearts’ / 12 min / USA
A sickening twist on the “killer child” sub-genre. Directed be Matthew Garrett” (NYHFF).

“‘Now That Your Dead’ / 14 min / USA
A dark-humored battle between a cheating husband, a mistress, and a murderous wife with a supernatural twist. Directed by Patrick Rea” (NYHFF).

Day 3 Part 3 (November 13th):

The synopsis for Ticked Off Trannies with Knives:

“Revenge takes balls, and no one knows it better than the ladies of “Ticked Off Trannies with Knives,” Israel Luna’s over the top tale of sisterhood and cold blooded, high heeled vengeance. The moral of the story: Hell hath no fury like a tranny scorned. Starring Willam Belli, Krystal Summers and Kelexis Davenport. Directed by Israel Luna” (NYHFF).

“‘Suckathumb’ / 10 min / Canada
Bloody thumbs! A starving brat! Spontaneously combusting cats! A child’s imagination runs wild in the Canadian wilderness, fueled by her mother’s horrific bed-time tales. Directed by Xstine Cook” (NYHFF).

“‘Lola’ / 7 min / Philippines
Lola, is part vampire, witch, and shape-shifter. She is hired as an actress by a very ambitious and demanding director, who exploits her supernatural abilities to save on production cost. Directed by Joey Agbayani” (NYHFF).

“‘Get off My Porch’ / 13 min / USA
A man is terrorized by persistent girl scouts who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Directed by Patrick Rea” (NYHFF).

**There is a workshop for the Red One Camera and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Robert Englund as well.

Source: 28dayslateranalysis

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