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NO ESTAMOS SOLOS (2015) Teaser Trailer: Peruvian Ghost Story

No Estamos Solos Trailer

No Estamos Solos TrailerDaniel Rodríguez Risco‘s No Estamos Solos (2015) movie trailer stars Marco Zunino, Fiorella Díaz, and Zoe Arévalo. No Estamos Solos‘ plot synopsis: “The film follows the story of Mateo and Mónica, a young couple who move to a secluded house outside the city limits with their 8 year-old daughter Sofía. Almost immediately, the little girl is terrorized every night by a supernatural presence, leaving it up to the parents to save her with the help of a priest.”

Although this teaser is very withholding, doesn’t reveal a single chunk of “the thing”, and the synopsis we have is not even on IMDb (thanks, TwitchFilm!), this movie is very interesting to me. This is the director’s second time behind the camera. Supposedly, he’s a genius at creating small moments of suspense and incredibly tight tension, which is somewhat apparent even in this minuscule teaser. He founded his own little production company called Miedo (fear, in Spanish), so he’s a man after my own heart.

Hopefully this little horror film becomes a film festival darling, garners high praise, and lights a fire in my heart. Right now, it has all the potential in the world.

See for yourself!

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Sources: Twitch, IMDb

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