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Origins (2015): Night Of The Living Dead Prequel Ready For Production

Night of the Living Dead

Radar Pictures Picks Up Cameron Romero’s Origins. Radar pictures announced that they will be producing Cameron Romero’s Origins, a prequel to his father George Romero’s classic film, Night of the Living Dead. Cameron Romero who wrote the script, is set to direct the film later this year.

Cameron Romero had this to say about the project,

Origins’ is a great opportunity for me to continue the family tradition of creating haunting and ever-evolving depictions of the undead, and a great opportunity for Romero fans to see a story of zombie inception never portrayed before.

Even with the current success of The Walking Dead and upcoming zombie shows like iZombie and the Walking Dead spin off just around the corner, it feels like the zombie craze that began gaining momentum in the late 2000s is beginning to ebb away. As much as I can appreciate over the top, off the wall movies filled with nonsense, I often find it disheartening to see how many zombie movies are so derivative of their genre predecessors. Even though Cameron’s father George is responsible for the mainstream success of modern day zombies, he also put out his share of atrocious movies that contributed to the widely held notion that zombie films are nothing but B-movie trash. The best zombie stories are the ones that use the zombies as a backdrop to examine human nature and not just excuses to see reanimated corpses testing our cinematic tolerance for extreme levels of gore and violence.  If I had to guess which camp the upcoming Origins is in, I’m strongly leaning toward it disregarding the former in favor of the latter (although, I do hope that I am wrong).

Here is a brief synopsis on the film,

The project is set at the height of the Cold War, when one scientist tried to give the world its best hope for survival and instead unleashed its worse nightmare.

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Source: Variety

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