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PACIFIC RIM: MAELSTROM (2018): Charlie Hunnam Won’t Return For Sequel

Charlie Hunnam Pacific Rim

Charlie Hunnam will not appear in Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. The star of the original Pacific Rim film will not be reprising his role as Raleigh Becket in the next installment of the series.

Per Hunnam, it was not so much a matter of no longer being interested in the role as it was a matter of conflicting scheduling. Initially, he was expected to appear in the film, but the decision to start production much earlier than expected meant the actor was unable to return due to preexisting commitments to other movies. Some observers speculate that the rushed scheduling of Maelstrom may also have been a factor in Guillermo Del Toro‘s decision not to return to the director’s chair:

“I read an early draft of what they’re doing,” Hunnam told Yahoo. “There was one incarnation of this sequel that involved me heavily, but I was unavailable. They have a very definite schedule that they have to film because of the politics and business surrounding filmmaking. Sometimes noncreative decisions will dictate how something unfolds, which seems bass ackwards in the fact that we’re making art, or at least aspiring to make art. It ended up being unfortunately something that we couldn’t remedy, because by the time they got their schedule fully realized then I wasn’t available. But I think they’re onto something very exciting. It’s a serious, significant progression. It feels like they’re really aspiring to push this thing forward and do something original with the sequel. So it’s cool.” 

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  • ncsdave12

    Pacific Rim was okay. Personally I wish Guillermo Del Toro would finish his Hellboy trilogy. The first two films were brilliant and I would love to see the story reach it’s conclusion.

  • Rollo Tomasi

    Pacific Rim was an empty popcorn film that had a lot of wasted potential.

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