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POWER RANGERS (2017): Bryan Cranston Discusses His Role As Zordon

Bryan Cranston Power Rangers

Bryan Cranston gives details about playing Zordon in Power Rangers. The Academy Award-nominated Trumbo and Breaking Bad star offered his thoughts about his role in the planned film adaptation of the action-packed TV series.

Asked about the role during his press tour for The Infiltrator, Cranston weighed in on the issue of whether the character will be live-action or computer-generated. The actor confirmed that Zordon will indeed be animated via CGI, but added that there will be motion capture elements that will allow him greater opportunities for expression as the character. He seemed to tie in this strategy with the role Zordon plays in the story, noting that the ethereal force the Rangers report to was once human himself and still has “a heart and mind” of his own:

In a separate interview with Nuke The Fridge, Cranston explained why he decided to return to the franchise: “Yeah… I did voices. Dubbing voices for POWER RANGERS the series 35 years ago. But I can tell you… I would NOT have accepted the role if it was not for the script being so good. They have completely changed the tone. It is not the television series at all. It’s a fully realized updated reimagined approach to telling this SUPERHERO story. I haven’t done a superhero story and I was intrigued. I think this sounds interesting. Let’s try it!” Well, that’s certainly great news. Could this film be one of next year’s biggest surprises?

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