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PREACHER: Herr Starr To Appear in Season Two [AMC]

Herr Starr Preacher Comics

Herr Starr to Show Up in Preacher’s Second Season. After last night’s explosive finale, it seems like Preacher will finally go deep into the comics when AMC launches season two in 2017. This also means that we will be seeing some characters from the comics, starting with Herr Starr.

Showrunner Sam Caitlin spoke with Deadline on the direction of season two, where he revealed that Herr Starr would be making his debut in the new season. We had a brief glimpse of his character in the first season’s third episode when viewers saw his shadow. Now everyone will see him in person, as his presence will be felt throughout the second season, according to Caitlin. The showrunner also said that fans would also be meeting the men responsible for the murder of Jesse Custer’s (Dominic Cooper) father. “We don’t know who killed Jesse’s father, but we’ll know more about who those two men were.”

For those who haven’t read the comics, Herr Starr is part of The Grail, a military organization that goes after Jesse. Starr was a former German anti-terrorist agent who comes from a violent past who gets recruited by the secret group. After rising from the ranks in The Grail as second in command or Sacred Executioner, he finds out about Jesse’s powers and wants to pursue him. He starts to dislike the way The Grail were handling things, so he ends up murdering the leader and becomes the Allfather. Comic fans know that the appearance of Starr means that season two will make things crazy for the characters on the show.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to see what season two has in store for Preacher? Who do you think should play the Sacred Executioner?

Leave your thoughts on Herr Starr appearing in Preacher’s second season in the comments section below. For more Preacher news and developments, visit our Preacher Page, subscribe to us by Email, “follow” us on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ or “like” us on Facebook. Preacher will air it’s second season sometime in 2017.

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