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PREACHER: Season 1, Episode 9: Finish the Song: Trailer & Clip [AMC]

Anatol Yusef Preacher Finish the Song

AMC’s Preacher Finish the Song trailer & clip. For his penultimate trick, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) has resolved that the Mountain must come to Mohammed; and while that has certainly bought him time (with his would-be persecutors stopping to take in the expected spectacle), there seems to be little in the way of satisfaction coming his way. Given the source material, it’d probably be too soon, anyway (if it’s happening at all).

A coming that has not been soon enough: The Cowboy (Graham McTavish) – all refueled with killing rage, and ready for primetime (had to happen eventually; and if not sooner, then… or else).

It seems Tulip (Ruth Negga) may be taking to defending Jess with wild claims (he’s a wot, now?), while a less pleasant reintroduction appears in store, between two others from his circle. If this is the beginning of the end, to Jess’ time in Annville, he seems to be resisting, some; but at least two others know to get gone while the getting’s good.

Clearly weary of being running gags, punch-lines, and other violent-as-appropriate descriptions, regarding their perpetual whipping boy status, DeBlanc & Fiore (Anatol Yusef, Tom Brooke) take stock of their options. Sadly, the levity of resorting to a novel coin-toss comes as a set-up for another punch-line. The poor tossers….

‘Finish the Song’ also stars Joseph Gilgun, Lucy Griffiths, Ian Colletti, W. Earl Brown, Derek Wilson, Ricky Mabe, Justice Leak, Forrest Fyre, Trine Christensen, Tim Ransom, Desmin Borges, Tara Karsian, and Jackie Earle Haley. It airs Sunday, July 24, at 9:00pm EST, on AMC.

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