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Prison Break Season 4 starts with Cop-Outs

Season 3 of the television show Prison Break ended very well and I was all set to see where it would go from there in Season 4. Unfortunately, the decision was made to destroy everything that had been built up to that point in Prison Break. Here is a list of the Prison Break Season 4 cope-outs so far: SPOILERS BELOW.

  • Sarah Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) was never decapitated and is still alive.
  • The Panamanian prison, Sona, burns down and all the prisoners escape.
  • The reason James Whistler (Chris Vance) was broken out of Sona has been transported from Panama to California.
  • James is actually a good guy.
  • James is killed off.
  • Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller)’s full upper body tattoo is completely removed in one over night removal session.
  • Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell (Robert Knepper) has $50,000 of Lechero (Robert Wisdom)’s money, his woman (who is smokin’) and is in a non-extradition country (T-Bag has a life sentence, at the minimum, hanging over his head) and gives that ALL up to go to the United States on a vendetta against Scofield.

This plot point was beyond idiotic. You’re going to risk being recognized in the United States and life in prison for payback? Come on. I’d buy that if T-Bag was stupid but he isn’t. He is one of the smartest and self-reliant characters on Prison Break. The writers should have had T-Bag take over Lechero’s organization in Panama after he got out of Sona and rise to power. Then, with his new influence and wealth, have sent assassins into America to kill Scofield from the safety of Panama. Sarah Tancredi should have been left dead, making Scofield bitter and morose. After the assassins are dealt with, Scofield finds out that T-Bag has the Bird Book and returns to Panama to retrieve it. This would have been a FAR more intriguing plot development and evolvement of Prison Break. But no, instead the powers that be pulled the crap above. Bullsh*t.

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