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QUEEN & COUNTRY: New Signs of Life for Comic to Film Adaptation

Queen & Country

Update to Fox comic book film, Queen & Country. After a long development period, going back to 2005, there has been recent movement on Fox Studio’s adaptation of Greg Rucka‘s Oni Press comic series.

About the Queen & Country comic:

Published by Oni Press and written by Greg Rucka, with various artists illustrating, Queen & Country’s first series began in March 2001 and ran for 32 issues, finishing in August 2007. The series is centered on Tara Chace, an operative of the Special Operations Section of SIS, colloquially known as the Minders. It attempts to portray the bureaucracy and politics which the agents deal with realistically, as well as including the dangerous missions typical of the spy genre.

Other recurring characters in the series alongside Tara Chace include Director of Operations Paul Crocker, Deputy Chief of Service Donald Weldon, Chief of Service Frances Barclay (known colloquially as “C”), Mission Control Officer and Main Communications Officer Alexis and former Head of Special Section Tom Wallace.

Three Queen & Country: Declassified spin-off mini-series have also been published, the first two written by Rucka and the third by Antony Johnston under Rucka’s supervision. They deal specifically with the past missions of various characters. Events of the first Declassified miniseries in particular influence what happens in later issues of the main series; it is best read before “Operation Stormfront”.

A Queen & Country prose novel written by Rucka, A Gentleman’s Game, was published in 2004, also featuring Tara Chace and making reference to the events of the comic book series. A second Tara Chace novel, Private Wars, was published in 2005. The novels tie in to the comic series; issue 29 to 32 depicts events immediately after A Gentleman’s Game. Private Wars takes place a few months after the end of the comic series and ends the first volume of the series. A third Queen & Country novel, The Last Run, was released in October 2010.

As of September 2013, comic character veteran Ellen Page (X3, X-Men: Days of Future Past) had been attached to the project, along with  Producers Peter Chernin & Jenno Topping (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), with a script by John Rogers (The Core, Leverage). Apparently, Fox had been looking into a showcase film series for Page, which could make the character of Tara Chace Page’s very own Jason Bourne.

Tara Chance & Ellen Page:

Tara Chace Queen & Country

Tara Chace, Queen & Country


Ellen Page Tara Chace Queen & Country

Ellen Page, Tara Chace, Queen & Country

Since then, little more had been heard; but March 21, 2014, brought word that Craig Vivieros (Ghosted, The Liability) has been tapped to direct, followed by the April 1 announcement that Olivia Milch (Little Women) has been tasked with re-writing the script.

There is, as of yet, no schedule or production dates for the Queen & Country film adaptation.

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