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RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE: Spacey and CNN Team Up For Documentary Series

Kevin Spacey House of Cards

Spacey Featured In Upcoming CNN Series. Fresh of the buzz from the recent return of House of Cards, CNN has announced that Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey will star in their upcoming political series Race for the White House. Race for the White House, a 6-part prime time documentary series will make its debut in 2016. The program will examine a series of individual campaigns for the President of the United States. Spacey will narrate every episode, each employing “previously unseen archive footage, interviews with key players and dramatic recreations to tell the story of a specific campaign for the U.S. Presidency.”

Race for the White House is a clear indication of Time Warner-owned cable news network CNN’s increased emphasis on airing original programming. President of CNN Worldwide Jeff Zucker had this to say in a prepared statement,

When we created the CNN Original Series brand, this is exactly the type of programming we had in mind and ‘Race for the White House’ will be the perfect complement to our coverage of the 2016 campaigns and election.

CNN is adding original content to their news network in an attempt to make itself more attractive to advertisers. The erratic nature of breaking news coverage makes the platform a very unreliable way to attract target audiences and the guaranteed advertising dollars that come along with them. Call me old fashioned, but I can not come to terms with the concept of news networks pandering to advertisers for business. I’m not trying to say that the business of news broadcasting is as villainous as it is depicted in the recent thriller Nightcrawler, yet, as long as stations are in the business of generating higher and higher ratings in order to reap the rewards of ad revenue the whole industry will always skew towards sensationalism over hard news.

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Source: Variety

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