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Jul 18, 2013

REAL PLAYING GAME (2013) Movie Trailer: Rutger Hauer’s Sci-fi RPG Film

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Real Playing Game Trailer. Tino Navarro, David Rebordao‘s Real Playing Game (2013) movie trailer stars Rutger Hauer, Alix Wilton Regan, Dafne Fernández, Nik Xhelilaj, and Cloudia Swann. Real Playing Game‘s plot synopsis: “In RPG (aka Real Playing Game), Hauer stars as Steve Batier, a rich, aging man who travels to a lab where he’s given a second chance at youth. He’s zapped into a young body and entered into some kind of game where only one player can be left standing.”

This looks like Gamer with the explosions, destruction, and body parts on display.

Real Playing Game also stars Chris Tashima and Christopher Goh.

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Source: Imdb, Quietearth