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ROBOSHARK (2015) TV Movie Trailer: Because…Just Because [Syfy]


Roboshark Trailer. Jeffrey Scott Lando‘s Roboshark (2015) TV movie trailer “stars” Hristo BalabanovNigel BarberLaura DaleVanessa Grasse, and Isaac HaigRoboshark‘s plot synopsis: “All hell breaks loose when a great white shark sinks its teeth into an alien space probe in the Pacific, creating a roboshark that invades Seattle and devours everything in its way..”

What happened to killer shark movies?  After Jaws, there was a respectable brand of nature-gone-wild films.

Today, killer shark movies have been relegated to direct to DVD trash like Roger Corman and The Asylum.  With the recent success of high camp like Sharknado, it would appear that it’s safe to go back into the water.  Even modern killer shark movies that received a theatrical release had their tongues planted firmly in cheek.  Have our fears moved on from the ocean?

It’s not the audience’s job to look on in horror muttering, “It’s happening again.”  That’s reserved for the lead character in most horror sequels – the hardened, cynical, grizzled character who’s seen it all before.  Sure enough, most of the Syfy-watching public groaned a similar sentiment when Sharknado 2: The Second One was first announced.  There is no possible way to make the same intentionally terrible movie twice.

And yet, for the most part, Sharknado 2 is almost entirely successful.  And, perhaps most importantly, its self-awareness level stays at an appropriate level, only once heading into embarrassing Friedberg and Seltzer territory.

This year, with Sharknado 3 looking just around the corner, Syfy’s will offer its latest absurdist fare with Roboshark.  It will premiere as part of a week-long Sharknado celebration.  I’m on the fence about whether it looks so bad it’s great or so self-aware it’s painful.  That’s a fine line to walk.  Unfortunately, I’m leaning toward the latter.

Roboshark also stars Alexis PetermanMatt Rippy, and Kicker Robinson (real name).

Watch the Roboshark TV movie trailer (courtesy of arrowinthehead) and leave your thoughts on it below in the comments section. For more Roboshark news, images, or video, visit our Roboshark Page, subscribe to us by Email, “follow” us on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, or “like” us on Facebook for quick updates. Roboshark will premiere July 18th, 2015  through UFO International Pictures on the Syfy network, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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