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Feb 20, 2013

RUN (2012) Short Film: Mat Johns, Joseph Stacey, Gabi Herrett

Joseph Stacey Run

Run Short Film. Mat JohnsRun (2012) short film stars Joseph Stacey, Gabi Herrett, and John Grey. Run‘s plot synopsis: “Sam is on the road and he writes a letter to his mother back home.”

This is one impressive short film. Good God does this film get powerful towards the end. I do not want to give it away but you will never guess where this short film goes. Very .

More on Run:

This film was written, shot, edited and screened in under 4 days as part of Filmonik Halloween KinoKabaret 2012. The final score was then completed afterward and added to the cut.

Music by Dave Kavanagh, Sound recording by NoiseBoy Studios, Mix by Phil McDuff

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Source: Liveforfilms Vimeo