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SHELTERED: Next Adaptation from Walking Dead Producers & Image Comics

Sheltered #2

The Walking Dead production team to adapt Image comics’ Sheltered to film. Circle of Confusion, the production team behind AMC‘s The Walking Dead (and currently working on bringing Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman‘s next Image title, Outcast, to the small screen), will be collaborating with up and coming film maker, Jesse Peyronel, on a big screen adaptation of Sheltered, a new mini-series also from Image comics.

About the Sheltered comic:

Created by Ed Brisson (Comeback, Secret Avengers) and Johnnie Christmas (Continuum: The War Files), the comic is a pre-apocalyptic thriller set in a survivalist compound somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and populated by families who believe an imminent volcanic eruption is about to make the U.S. uninhabitable for years. Yet the adults are unprepared for a strike from within in the form of a coup d’etat by the kids, led by a charming sociopathic teen. What follows is a struggle between two sets of young protagonists that is described as having shades of Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games.

Jesse Peyronel will serve as both writer and director for the film, which is intended to begin production sometime in late 2014. Jesse Peyronel’s list of credits include writer, for USA network’s upcoming Dig series, and former writer for NBC’s Dracula, as well as writing/ directing the independent film Siren.

If the premise of the book is any indication, I expect the film’s promotion to draw at least some comparison to The Walking Dead – made all the easier if the latter’s showrunners follow through on their own Lord of the Flies element. The Walking Dead mid-season finale did formally introduce “Generation Z;” a small band of gun-toting, survivalist minded children, last seen setting out on their own.

Sheltered #1 variant cover

Sheltered #1 variant cover

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