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SIMON KILLER (2012) Movie Trailer: Antonio Campos, Brady Corbet

Brady Corbet Mati Diop Simon Killer

Simon Killer Trailer. Antonio CamposSimon Killer (2012) movie trailer stars Brady Corbet, Mati Diop, Michaël Abiteboul, Alexandra Neil, and Constance Rousseau. Simon Killer‘s plots synopsis: “The follow-up to Antonio Campos’ critically acclaimed AFTERSCHOOL, SIMON KILLER is an erotic and and psychological portrait of Simon (Brady Corbet, MELANCHOLIA, MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE), a well-educated, handsome and seemingly sympathetic college graduate with just a hint of something off putting enough to ignite a sense of concern.

Recently heartbroken, Simon travels to Paris to clear his head. After several days of wandering aimlessly, Simon finds himself drawn into a sex parlor and has a sexual encounter with an exotic prostitute, Victoria (Mati Diop, 35 SHOTS OF RUM). The chemistry builds between the two until they find themselves in a serious relationship, one that leads to blackmail, betrayal and the ultimate revelation of Simon’s true nature.”

I can take an educated guess at what Simon’s true nature is: a little of the protagonist in this: the Run (2012) Short Film mixed with protagonist in this: the Maniac (2012) Red Band Movie Trailer. I loved Campos’ Afterschool (trailer here: Afterschool (2009) Movie Trailer, review here: Afterschool (2009) Movie Review) so when I get the chance, I will sit down to watch this.

Watch Simon Killer movie trailer and leave your thoughts on it below in the comments section. For more Simon Killer photos, videos, and information, visit our Simon Killer Page, subscribe to us by Email, follow us on Twitter or on FacebookSimon Killer will be released through IFC Films in US theaters on April 5, 2013 in New York, April 12, 2013 in LA. It will premiere nation wide soon after that.

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