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Sir Christopher Lee Has Died. Rest in Peace.

Christopher Lee RIP

Sir Christopher Lee Has Died At The Age of 93. The life and career of Christopher Lee is the stuff of legends. He was born to a member of the King’s Royal Rifle Corps and an Italian contessa. He volunteered to fly planes in World War II, and later hunted Nazi war criminals alongside the RAF. He had a life fit for a 1950s storybook that you’d think was far too exaggerated, way before being on-screen and imprinting his essence into our minds forever.

Christopher Lee was Dracula. He was Scaramanga, one of the greatest James Bond villains of all time. He was Saruman, the quintessential evil wizard in J.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece.  He was part of the Star Wars franchise. The list goes on an on, as Sir Christopher Lee is credited with 200 hundred film appearances on his filmography. That’s quite the work ethic.

This man really lived a full life, he never remained passive, but acted. Though he lived quite a long life, he was aware of how fleeting our time is here, and that you should always strive for what you want. Never ever give up.

Rest in Peace.

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