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SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE (2015) Movie Trailer: Another Heartfelt Rom-Com?

Sleeping With Other People Trailer

Sleeping With Other People Trailer Has Been Released. Leslye Headland‘s Sleeping With Other People (2015) movie trailer stars Natasha Lyonne, Alison Brie, Jason Sudeikis, Adam Scott, and Jason MantzoukasSleeping With Other People‘s plot synopsis: “A good-natured womanizer and a serial cheater form a platonic relationship that helps reform them in ways, while a mutual attraction sets in.”

I’m pretty shocked that I still fall for these films. I watch most romantic comedies, even those not worthy of watching when you’re bored on an airplane. I suppose its the basic structure of the genre, the familiar plot points, character traits, the somewhat heightened version of reality. Everything seems easier in these films. New York looks cleaner and more romantic than it sometimes does when you’re living here. Everyone looks handsome or beautiful, and life is light. Things are bearable.

So, then, I’m quite sold on this, another romantic comedy that is being hailed as “heartfelt”. It’s always the same trailer, the same song in the background, covering the same storyline (or a slight variation thereof) you’ve seen before. But – I’m interested. I’m going to watch this alone on a cool, breezy Sunday, while eating yoghurt and browsing the internet.

Sleeping With Other People also stars Amanda Peet, Daniella Pineda, Andrea Savage, and Marc Blucas.

Watch the Sleeping With Other People movie trailer and leave your thoughts on it below in the comments section. Sleeping With Other People will be released in US theaters through IFC Films on September 11, 2015. For more Sleeping With Other People photos, videos, and information, visit our Sleeping With Other People Page, our Movie Trailer Facebook Page, our Movie Trailer Google+ Page, subscribe to us by Email, “follow” us on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, or “like” us on Facebook for quick updates.

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