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SOME KIND OF HATE (2015) Movie Poster: Poster for Fangoria-Lauded Horror Film

Some Kind of Hate Poster

Some Kind Of Hate Movie Poster.

I know very little about this film. Having only read up on it this morning, it seems like this might be the next, big thing. The poster evokes a sense of classical horror, a throwback to decades past. When horror films were straight-forward, practical, and focused on tension and terror and blood.

The film played at the infamous Stanley Film Festival, which takes place at one of the locations used to film The Shining (1980). The festival includes haunted-house activities, group searches for particular items, actors waking and scaring you while you sleep – all of which is voluntary. You can decide to attend the festival without all the fun, if that’s your thing. In any case, Some Kind of Hate screened there a while back, and people seem to really dig it. Next up is Fantasia Fest in Montreal, which has this film going a very familiar, genre-oriented film festival circuit that could be perfect for it, provided the film is good.

How good it actually is, we’ll have to see. For now we have this gorgeous poster, the likes of which will always remind me of first seeing stills, the trailer, and the poster for The House of The Devil – still my favourite horror film of the past 10 years.

According to ShockTillYouDrop,

On track for a release from Image Entertainment this year, Some Kind of Hate is a brutal, affecting tale of wayward youth. Intimate and often quite nasty, Some Kind of Hate tells the story of a troubled teen who’s subjected to severe bullying.  He accidentally conjures Moira Karp, a teenage girl pushed to commit suicide by bullies years ago. Moira is now a vengeful and unstoppable force on a mission of gruesome retribution.  But when she goes too far, Lincoln must prevent her from spiraling out of control.

Take a look at the poster and chime in below. Are you excited? I’d love to get there, but a poster is just too early to tell. Either way, I’ll be watching something scary tonight.


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Sources: ShockTillYouDrop, IMDb

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