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SPECTRE (2015) TV Spot: Daniel Craig Celebrates Bond History with Heineken

Spectre TV Spot "The Chase" Arrives

New Spectre TV Spot “The Chase” Arrives in Form of Heineken Commercial. As we’re all very aware of by now, the James Bond films have always made deals with companies, placing their products within the context of their films (often times, most classically, in a self-aware, almost parodical manner). 

The newest iteration of Bond has a deal with Heineken, and we’ve gotten another TV Spot celebrating that union. There was a previous one for Skyfall (2013), if I recall correctly.

In any case, as previously reported, we’re getting a barrage of Spectre promotional materials. I didn’t think I’d be writing up yet another piece, minutes after posting the previous one, warning of this emerging amount of materials, but here we are.

According to Birth.Movies.Death and Phil Nobile Jr., their go-to-writer for all things Bond, “It’s a 90 second chase that starts in…Venice? Maybe? That’s where Vesper died, but it’s also where Roger Moore fought a ninja so, good times. A hapless young lady is pulled along on Bond’s boat chase, hopefully toward a fate less grim than Vesper’s. Along the way, 007 disrupts tourists and poses in front of process shots and lets his stunt double do most of the work…what year is this, again? All we’re missing is a double-taking pigeon, or perhaps a drunk tourist reaction shot. This whole thing plays like a reimagined sequence from Moonraker (with a strange little cameo I won’t spoil for you). And fun fact for you soundtrack nerds: the second half of this commercial is scored with a piece of music I recognized from both the ’60s Spider-Man cartoon and the trailer for Doris Wishman’s sexploitation quickie Another Day, Another Man. Cool!”

Indeed! I like it quite a bit. It’s a silly, fun little spot. No harm there.

Watch Spectre‘s Heineken TV spot, “The Chase”, and leave your thoughts on it below in the comments section. For more James Bond news, photos, or videos, please visit our James Bond Page, subscribe to us by Email, follow us on Twitter, Tumblr,Google+, and ‘like’ us on Facebook for quick updates.

Sources: Birth.Movies.Death, IMDb

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