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SQUIRREL GIRL: Anna Kendrick Open To Playing Marvel Heroine

Anna Kendrick Squirrel Girl Comic

Anna Kendrick interested in playing Squirrel Girl in a hypothetical film. The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Pitch Perfect actress said she was open to playing the Marvel character in case a movie focused on her is ever made.

Marvel may not have announced any plans for a Squirrel Girl movie at this point – indeed, their plate is pretty full as it is with Avengers: Infinity War coming up in the next couple years – but as Kendrick’s comments show, interest in the role is very real. After all, with the monumental track record of the studio’s previous efforts, it’s hardly a surprise that many actors would want in on them.

The subject arose in an interview with Net-A-Porter when Kendrick was asked which comic book character she would like to portray. Admitting that she isn’t too familiar with the character, the actress still expressed enthusiasm for the role, saying that definitely “could be half squirrel!”

Even if Marvel is kicking around the idea of a Squirrel Girl movie (or even introducing her in a different MCU feature), she’s probably right down the bottom of the pile – but, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t see it happen some day.

Doreen Green was created back in the ’90s as a light-hearted alternative to the overly-dramatic superheroes featured in other comics, but has since gone on to gain a pretty strong following – so it’s not too far fetched to believe that once the reserves begin to run dry, Marvel could take a look up Squirrel Girl’s tree.

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