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Star Trek (2009) Deleted Scene: Klingons Interrogate Nero


Star Trek (2009) Deleted Scene: Klingons Interrogate Nero is pretty badass. J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (2009) had some big plot holes and this Star Trek (2009) Nero interrogated by Klingons deleted scene plugs a very small one, though I hear the comic book does it better. The small hole I spoke is: What was Nero and his crew doing for 25 years as they waited for Spock to appear? I watched the Nero Interrogation Scene from Star Trek (2009) twice last night during Scream 2009 and on the award shows’ repeat. Obviously this is not the entire scene because it is never explains how Nero and some of his crew were caught by the Klingons in the first place or whether or not the Centurion slug was inserted into his mouth. I must say, this was a brilliant marketing tool for the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release for Star Trek (2009), much like the release of Hollis Mason’s Death Scene was for Watchmen: Director’s Cut. Watch the Star Trek (2009) Deleted Scene: Klingons Interrogate Nero below and leave your thoughts on it.

Source: SlashFilm

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  • I saw that clip a few days ago. It is badass, but it begs the question how does a Romulan mine worker manage to beat the hell out of three Klingon warriors? Maybe it's explained better in the full clip. Then again, I never needed to know why Ahnold or Sly were able to best every trained assassin, so what should I expect.

  • EXACTLY!! How the hell could a miner beat up two aliens brought up in a warriors society? First they are trained since birth to be warriors and soldiers. They are taught hand to hand combat and weapons before they are probably ten. Their entire existence is about soldiering and a miner takes them out? Please.

    And why would they bring hand guns into a prison cell? In no prison in America are corrections officers allowed hand guns inside the actual prison. Why? Because the prisoners might over power them and use them on them.

  • Glad I wasn't the only one who didn't buy that. Oh, I got Seventh Moon last night. Now I gotta find time to watch it!

  • Do not get me wrong, it was cool to see but it made no sense.

    Glad to here you received the blu-ray.

  • dspire

    I purchased a copy of the Star Trek movie which says it has 1-1/2 hours of special features one of them being nine deleted scences but interestingly enough there are no deleted scenes. My DVD is missing them or there was an error when it was being produced.

  • I hope you saved your receipt and take it back for an exchange.

  • I hope you saved your receipt and take it back for an exchange.

  • Joe

    you guys take this way too seriously… the scene is not accurate, did you think THAT'S WHY they marked it has deleted and did not add it to the movie. just saying

  • Very true. The scene was marked for deletion for a reason.

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