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STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Story Details Revealed at Comic-Con

Star Trek Discovery

New Star Trek series details revealed at Comic Con. The entire world of Star Trek was celebrated yesterday at Comic Con for its 50th birthday, but the event was more than just a look into Star Trek‘s past; Bryan Fuller also offered some new information about the newest Star Trek project, a CBS All Access and Netflix show that will be available for streaming starting January 2017.

Among the biggest news: the series has a title. The newest leg of Star Trek is titled Star Trek: Discovery, Fuller revealed through a new teaser. One of the biggest questions any Trekkie has about new Star Trek material is always the degree to which it roots itself in the original series, and Star Trek: Discovery at least has a title that meshes well with the litany of other Star Trek branches of the past. We also know from the teaser that Discovery will include the Enterprise, giving more clues as to the level of throwback we’ll likely see.

One aspect of the show that will definitely change, though, will be its storytelling format. The original Star Trek series was an episodic show, meaning that although the main cast of characters remained constant, they experienced a different storyline each episode that was wrapped up by the end. Episodic storytelling was much more common before DVR and online streaming, when viewers didn’t have guaranteed access to their favorite shows every week. Conversely, most modern television tells stories in long arcs that require commitment from viewers, and it looks as though Star Trek: Discovery will follow along this vein. “We’re going to be telling stories like a novel,” said Fuller yesterday.

As far as characters go, Fuller did not share information about characters or casting. He and the other panelists noted that Star Trek doesn’t have to be about the specific characters, but rather the original show’s ideals such as human rights and respect for all people.

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