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STAR WARS: EPISODE 7 (2015): Dan Mendel crafting JJ Abrams’ Film Look

J. J. Abrams

Dan Mendel hired as Director of Photograpghy for Star Wars Episode 7. J. J. Abrams is undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi directors of modern Hollywood and even though he has fully earned the honor of directing the next installment of the most popular film franchise of all time, any news of his approach to it will be with anxiety. Some are nervous about it because after all it is Star Wars and every decision-big or small is of great importance. At the same time some others are wondering if Abrams would go with something exclusively fancy like for instance his infamous lense flares in Star Trek that equally generated acclaim and criticism.

The official decision of J. J. was Star Trek’s Director of Photography Dan Mendel and he will shoot it on a 35 mm film lens and said Star Wars: Episode VII will have the usual Star Wars widescreen ratio. It is surely an interesting choice since Abrams has apparently decided to stay true to the oldest of the George Lucas traditions, contained within the original films. Furthermore, Mendel has collaborated with Abrams on some of his most famous projects including the Star Trek reboots and the third Mission Impossible film and not only have all of those films been visually spectacular but they have also been original in their own memorable way.

Star Wars VII (2015) will undoubtedly be the most important film Abrams has ever made and hopefully his best yet so it is highly unlikely for the end product to be displeasing by any cinematic measure. The Star Wars trilogy was filled with dark, pale images in comparison to the prequels which were beaming with rich coloration. J. J. Abrams’ science fiction films have their own specific futuristic outlook, one that mostly emphasizes on darkness and epic scaled visuals. After his success with Star Trek, it is only logical that J. J. Abrams helms Wars as well. Regardless if Episode VII is going to be the conventional Abrams that most of us love, or an entirely new original visionary work, the one thing Star Wars VII will certainly not disappoint with is its looks.

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