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STAR WARS: EPISODE 7 (2015): Matt Smith & Jason Flemyng Casting Rumors

Matt Smith Star Wars VII

Matt Smith and Jason Flemyng might be joining the cast of Star Wars Episode 7. The two actors have been rumored to be involved in negotiations for auditions or selected roles in the first installment from the upcoming Star Wars sequel trilogy directed by J. J. Abrams.

Matt Smith is currently at the very center of the mass attention of sci-fi fandom, since The Day of the Doctor, marking Doctor Who’s fiftieth anniversary will air very soon and he would understandably be a great addition to the Star Wars universe. According to the news, this rumor has been confirmed by a very solid source but until it has been officially announced nothing can be certain. Big names connected to great sci-fi flicks have been previously rumored to enter Star Wars VII (2015) like for instance Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek Into Darkness). The more of those rumors happen to be true, the better. Imagine what a grand return Episode VII would be for the legendary sci-fi franchise if its cast includes the old legendary trio (Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Kerry Fischer) from the original trilogy and an ensemble of the most prominent modern sci-fi names.

Jason Flemyng’s rumor is much more solid. He has tweeted that he has been reading a Star Wars script which undeniably stands as a clue for his involvement. He is a less prominent sci-fi face, but still memorable from his supporting roles such as Azazel (the devil-looking teleporting mutant) from X-Men: First Class (2011). Should he be chosen, J. J. Abrams will undeniably bestow upon him a role with a similar importance, although with so many other big names tied to the project it is quite unclear who will get the larger parts and who will get the small ones.

There are two big roles in the film that are left to be filled, according to the official news and still nothing has been confirmed so both the hype and the hopes remains reasonably and properly big.

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