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STAR WARS: EPISODE 7: The Crown Jewel of 2015 Cinema

Mark Hamill Star Wars Episode 7 Movie Banner

Star Wars Episode 7 is 2015’s Cinematic Crown Jewel. It is true that box office success frequently doesn’t stand for good cinema. We have all seen Michael Bay’s films. If there is one year when everybody will forget to care about good cinema for once and just allow themselves to get swept away by popcorn-ish entertainment, it will be 2015. So many highly anticipated films will be released that year that we are likely to see several all-time box office leaders in the same year. We will have legendary franchises all over that summer releasing installments but one film is bound to reign over the year. The seventh Star Wars film may not simply top the box-office table, it may dominate it thanks to it being the continuation of the most famous cinematic saga of all time.

Before we get to that, be absolutely certain that 2015 will really blow us away with what it has to offer even if Star Wars 7 was not on the line. 2015 has more galactic tent-pole films than any five year period within 2000 combined. We will witness a James Bond installment, the madly expected sequel of The Avengers, the fifth Terminator film, the sequel of one of the most beloved modern animated films-Finding Nemo, the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film, the first film in the new Marvel franchise Ant-Man, the mighty response of DC to the Avengers sequel-Batman Versus Superman, the sequel to Prometheus that will expand the legendary Alien franchise, the conclusion to The Hunger Games series, the most highly-expected video game-based film ever-Warcraft, another greatly desired video-game adaptation-Assassin’s Creed, the reboot of the Fantastic Four, the sequel to The Independence Day, the fourth film in the Jurassic Park series, the fifth Mission: Impossible and more.

Mark Hamill Star Wars Episode 7 Movie Banner

Mark Hamill Star Wars Episode 7 Movie Banner

Now consider the fact that all of these films will be completely over-shadowed by J.J. AbramsStar Wars: Episode VII. We will witness the continuation of the story of the legendary Luke Skywalker and the return of the just and true with Mark Hamill on-screen alongside actors from the original Star Wars trilogy including (rumored) Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. Chewbacca, C3PO, and R2D2 are all coming back as well (hopefully). Simply put, imagine everything dear to you about science-fiction films from your childhood and try to place it alongside the most modern of technologies. It will certainly be a historic moment and it will be more than a welcome high-point for a year so full of such beloved and highly expected pieces of cinema.

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