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STEVE JOBS (2015) Movie Trailer 3: Michael Fassbender is Apple’s da Vinci

Steve Jobs Trailer 3

Steve Jobs Trailer 3. Danny Boyle‘s Steve Jobs (2015) movie trailer 3 stars Michael Fassbender, Seth RogenKate Winslet, and Jeff DanielsSteve Jobs‘ plot synopsis: “Follows the life and legacy of Steve Jobs.”

There’s a new trailer for Danny Boyle’s latest, and though I’ve decided not to pay attention to any further marketing material after this, its not because this trailer showed me too much – we know this story, after all. It’s because this trailer is so goddamn good that I’m going to try and forget about this movie entirely before October 9th, so time passes as quickly as possible. I’m going to bury my head deep in my graduate studies for the next month, until this thing is available for immersion.

The new trailer presents us with two new elements, hitherto undisclosed, as far as I understand. First of all, we really get to notice the changes in film/digital video that Boyle has employed throughout the three time frames that the film is taking place in. According to Variety, “the picture’s major visual coup is the decision to shoot the three acts on three different formats: grainy 16mm film for 1984, lustrous 35mm for 1988, and sleek, high-definition digital for 1998.” This is the sort of thing Boyle is bringing to the film, something I highly doubt Fincher would’ve done, and something I really think will work.

The other element only now introduced to us is the music. Good lord, the music. Reminiscent of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ score for The Social Network, it seems propulsive, energetic, something for the digital age, but right at home in the 1980’s.

I simply can’t wait much longer to see this movie.

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