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Steve S. DeKnight Offers More Details on Netflix’s DAREDEVIL

Daredevil Steven S DeKnight

Steve S. DeKnight Talks About Daredevil. Anticipation is high for Marvel’s next series Daredevil on Netflix and showrunner Steven S. DeKnight gives some more details on his take on the Man Without Fear.

Speaking with Paste Magazine, Steven S. DeKnight says that his version of Daredevil will be dark, gritty, and even more violent than Marvel’s other show, ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “With this version of Daredevil, we wanted it to be grounded, gritty, as realistic as we could portray. That naturally fits in with the Daredevil character. Matt Murdock, on a regular basis, would get the shit beat out of him. That’s one thing that makes him a great character.”

Steven added that what’s great about Daredevil is that he can push beyond his limitations of many other superheroes. “He’s not super strong. He’s not invulnerable. In every aspect, he’s a man that’s just pushed himself to the limits, he just has senses that are better than a normal humans. He is human. The other thing that really drew me to this character is that he’s one of the most morally grey of the heroes.”

Netflix’s Daredevil seems to be going in the a good direction, especially since Steven explained that the tone of the show was inspired by Frank Miller’s version of the lawyer-turned-vigilante. “The image that always stuck in my mind was the Frank Miller Elektra run where he’s holding Bullseye over the street, and he lets Bullseye go because he doesn’t want Bullseye to ever kill anyone again. When I read that originally, when I was young, I’d never seen anything like that in comics. Superman scoops up the villain and puts them in jail. This time the hero didn’t do that. It was a morally grey ground that I found absolutely fascinating. There are two sides to this character…Daredevil has no qualms about beating the hell out of somebody. He’s not going to tie them up with his webs! He’ll come close to killing somebody. And it’s that fine edge—Why doesn’t he go all the way? I really liked the flawed heroes, the human heroes.”

On whether the show ends up with a second season, the Spartacus showrunner has no idea but already has some ideas for where the show can go after its freshman run. “I can say we’ve been talking about some very cool stuff for Season Two that, good God, I can’t even hint at! It’s something that would be just fantastic to work on!”

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