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THE STRAIN: Season 3.3: First Born: Trailer [FX]

Rupert Penry-Jones The Strain First Born

FX’s The Strain First Born TV show trailer. With Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) serving as enabler, Eph (Corey Stoll) has made off with the Occido Lumen – hoping for a shot at retrieving Zach (Max Charles). He also has more than a few issues to work out with the estranged (estragoied?) wife, Kelly (Natalie Brown), in the process.

Quinlan, in the meantime, has his own family issues to deal with, courtesy of the Lumen bait. The trailer to ‘First Born’ not only promises a reveal to much about the Daywalker’s story, but goes full spoiler on one very important detail, regarding his feud with the Master (Jack Kesy, with the voice of Robin Atkin Downes).

Both Quinlan & Eph succeed in drawing out their respective adversaries, making the Lumen gambit an apparent success. Both get to confront said adversaries – the Quinlan-Master match-up likely to be a throwdown for the ages. Both getting any kind of satisfaction out of this…? Meh. I’d curb my inner gambler, on this one.

Even if season 3 turns out to mark the series half-way point, no series is going to a Boss Fight, of this magnitude, this early in the season, with any real intention of paying out. Even if Quinlan, for instance, was to get his ya-yas out, after all this time, it would still likely mean the end of Bolivar’s run as the Master – rather than the end of the Master, himself (remember the finale to season 1?). Even if the showrunners felt obliged to give us some of what the episode promises, the trailer spoiler alone suggests more fun-with-Quinlan-angst to come, and the Eph-Zach-Kelly dynamic has become as parasitic to the series as White Worm to its characters. I say go for the promised action, stay for the frustrating suspense.

Welcome to The Strain.

‘First Born’ also stars David Bradley, Richard Sammel, Kevin Durand, Miguel Gomez, Ruta Gedmintas, Joaquín Cosio, Aaron Lazar, Deanna Dunagan, and Paul Aspland. It airs Sunday, Sep. 11, at 10:00pm EST, on FX.

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