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SUICIDE SQUAD (2016): David Ayer Discusses Upcoming Film

David Ayer

David Ayer Calls Suicide Squad ‘Dirty Dozen with Supervillains’. The hype continues for the DC Universe after David Ayer was announced to be directing a big screen adaptation of Suicide Squad. The director spoke with Empire about his excitement for his newest project.

During promotion for his latest film Fury, David Ayer spoke with the magazine about what he hopes to bring to Suicide Squad once he starts production next year:

Fury whetted my appetite for a bigger canvas and this idea of world creation. You can do amazing things as a filmmaker if you have the proper tools, and those are time and money…I can say that it’s a Dirty Dozen with supervillains. Then I can ask the question, ‘Does a movie really need good guys?’

Suicide Squad would mark David Ayer’s first comic book adaptation, who’s been known for his gritty crime dramas like End of Watch and Street Kings. Ayer explained during his interview about his anticipation for digging into the world of comic books with Suicide Squad:

I love the passion [comic-book fans] have for these characters and these worlds. I think there’s something incredible about the comic genre and technology has finally caught up with pen and ink to render these fantastic worlds in a way that feels believable and visceral to audiences. It’s a secular religion in that regards. The mythology that these characters represent – the idea of them as fallen gods on Earth – is intriguing to me. I can’t wait to start exploring those corridors.

So who will be a part of the Suicide Squad in the big screen adaptation? Rumor is that the team may consist of Blockbuster, Multiplex, Jaculi, Mindbloggler, Captain Boomerang, Vixen, and Deadshot. Casting hasn’t been announced yet, but reports are saying that actors Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie were approached to star in the film. Suicide Squad is scheduled to release on August 5, 2016.

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