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SUICIDE SQUAD (2016): Jay Hernandez Hints At Sequel

Jay Hernandez Suicide Squad

Jay Hernandez suggests he could return as El Diablo in a Suicide Squad sequel. The Hostel and Bad Moms actor says there is a chance his character could return in a follow-up to the DC Comics supervillain film.

Hernandez’s comments will come as a surprise to many since El Diablo met a fiery end in Suicide Squad. According to the actor, he had no idea that his character was going to die at the end of the film as they were shooting it, but he acknowledged that Diablo’s sacrifice gave “emotional weight” to the movie’s ending.

He also added that there was a “possibility” that Chato Santana could return in a sequel, although he clarified that this was far from conclusive. Knowing how superhero films bend the laws of nature to advance their story, it wouldn’t be out of the question for Warner Bros. to find a way to bring El Diablo back:

Diablo’s role in the film seemed to be the sympathetic moral center of the group, with the character having been revealed to have accidentally killed his family with his abilities. Hernandez said that he put his all into this particular scene in order to drive home the emotional message of the film. “It was the scene I was most focused on. I wanted to make sure, because a lot of the story hinges on that moment,” he said. “It’s the moment the Squad is sort of galvanized. Before that, it’s a bunch of just random people and everybody has their own goal and direction, they hate each other, some are plotting to kill each other. After that, they sit down and they realize this is it, this is their shot or not, and they decide to do the honorable thing. I think part of why that happens is the opening up of Diablo, who has been closed off for the whole movie up to that point. It was a pivotal moment, and a really important scene for me.”

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