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SUICIDE SQUAD (2016): Warner Bros. Orders Reshoots To “Lighten” Film

Will Smith Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad undergoing reshoots prior to release. The new scenes, scheduled to start shooting this week, are reportedly meant to alter the DC universe film’s dark tone.

The reshoots are suspected to be motivated by critical reaction to Warner Bros.’ last superhero project, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is still in theaters. Audiences and critics have complained that the movie is too dark, although some argue that it’s grim approach to the material is accurate to the original comics.

In any case, the sudden reshoots for Suicide Squad suggests the company has taken these complaints to heart. It was made clear that the additional material will not simply be attempts to inject random comic relief into the film, instead focusing on character relationships. How long the shoots are supposed to last is unknown, although it probably won’t be long as Warner Bros. is likely reluctant to push back the film’s release date again:

One of the main problems a lot of people seemed to have with the film was a perceived lack of “fun”, and many felt more humor and levity were needed to make it an altogether more “joyous” movie-going experience.

Well, the studio may well have taken this on board, as BMD reports that reshoots are set to get underway this week on Suicide Squad, with a view to lightening the tone considerably. Apparently they’re not planning to insert jokes left and right, and are simply “beefing up fun character moments and interactions.”

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