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SUPERGIRL: First Look at a Young Kal-El in New Photos [CBS]

Melissa Benoist Daniel DiMaggio For The Girl Who Has Everything Supergirl

New Images From Supergirl Shows a Young Superman. Next week’s episode of the CBS series Supergirl will have Kara (Melissa Benoist) transported back in Krypton and a young Kal-El (Daniel DiMaggio) in his homeworld. We have our first look at the two heroes together.

In these first two images given by ComicBookResources from the upcoming episode ‘For The Girl Who Has Everything’, we have a glimpse of a young Superman if he was never sent to Earth. This all happens because Kara gets attacked by an alien parasite that traps her in an alternate universe where Krypton hasn’t been destroyed. This would be the first time that we see both Kara and Kal-El together since we never get to see the grown-up Superman up close. It looks like this may be the only time we get to see the last son of Krypton in full form. Plus let’s not forget that Kara was a little older than Kal-El when she was sent to Earth to protect him. So seeing what could’ve been gives us a chance to see Kal-El growing up in his homeworld.

Check out the images of the young Kal-El and let us know what you think.

Daniel DiMaggio For The Girl Who Has Everything Supergirl

Daniel DiMaggio as Kal-El

Melissa Benoist Daniel DiMaggio For The Girl Who Has Everything Supergirl

Melissa Benoist as Kara and Daniel DiMaggio as Kal-El

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