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SUPERGIRL: Jeremy Jordan and Mehcad Brooks Tease Love Triangle [CBS]

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Mehcad Brooks and Jeremy Jordan Tease a Love Triangle with Kara on Supergirl. Besides the action, Supergirl will also have romance but it will be a love-triangle with Melissa Benoist’s Kara. Mehcad Brooks and Jeremy Jordan discuss their characters and their love for Kara.

Talking with CBR, Jeremy Jordan didn’t offer much details on his character Winn Schott, or what DC Comic fans know him as Toyman. The only thing he offered to share was that this version would be different from the comics.

[I’m not] the red-headed, jolly, weird-clothing-wearing Toyman. Certainly, that’s not how we meet him. And he certainly has a different backstory. But it’s equally as exciting. As we’re sort of getting into a few episodes, it’s becoming more and more clear. It’s one of those things like, “Oh, I see: My character shares the name of this thing… Oh, I wonder what that means?” But there’s literally no indication of it, so I’m learning along with the audience.

So it looks like this version of Toyman will still be the tech genius who helps Supergirl, sort of like Felicity or Cisco from Arrow and The Flash.

With the love-triangle between Supergirl, Schott, and Olsen, Jordan has admired Kara for a long time before knowing about her alter ego. However, Brooks teases that there will be a fourth party involved, making this more of a ‘love rhombus’. Jordan also added that, “There’s definitely some love going toward Kara on both sides. Now, what we see in the pilot is, she’s definitely a little more into James, for sure.”

The two co-stars also discuss what it’s like dating a woman who is stronger than anyone on Earth. Brooks jokes, “She could hug me a little too hard, make my head pop off.” Jordan also says:

It’s really interesting to think of a character who’s stronger than anything else on Earth but is sort of betrays herself with a weakness that’s put upon her by the world. And how she can overcome that through the help of all her friends.

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