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SUPERGIRL: Livewire, Gen. Lane, Red Tornado, & Non Added to Season One Lineup [CBS]

Britt Morgan Livewire

CBSSupergirl casts Brit Morgan as Livewire, three additional roles to be filled. Considering his track record, as showrunner on The CW’s Arrow & The Flash, it should come as no surprise that Greg Berlanti would seek to similarly populate CW cousin series, Supergirl, with a host of DC mainstays. One point of interest, however, is that the series will mark the live-action debut of yet another of Bruce Timm’s original characters: Livewire.

Created for Timm’s Superman: TAS, the character has since been retconned into DC comics continuity (as with Harley Quinn & Mercy). Brit Morgan (True Blood) has been tapped to bring the character to life; and despite some modification, is promised to be mostly true to the original character. Initially a Shock Jock, for Cat Grant’s (Calista Flockhart) CatCo Media, Leslie Willis goes Livewire when a freak accident makes her Supergirl’s (Melissa Benoist) problem. Her attitude, on the other hand, could make her everyone else’s.

I never could tell whether it was the character of Livewire, or just Lori Petty’s voice portrayal, that made her the most annoying villain of Bruce Timm’s tenure. Just how Brit Morgan manages to stay true to form, however, could clear that up to some degree.

Livewire will be joining Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli), Reactron (Chris Browning), and Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan-Tatum), on Supergirl’s season 1 guest list; but expect Lucy’s father, Gen. Sam Lane, Non, and Red Tornado (along with his villainous creator, T.O. Morrow) to also appear – at least according to fellow showrunner Andrew Kreisberg.

Their roles have yet to be cast, but although it is the prospect of Kara Zor-El getting her very own Zod – in the form of Non (he was the tall mute, from both of Zod’s big screen appearances) – it seems to be the live-action debut of Red Tornado (linked to Gen. Lane in the series, according to Berlanti) that excites Kreisberg the most.

Andrew Kreiberg on Red Tornado’s appearance:

“As much fun as we are have taking characters who’ve already been portrayed … this’ll be the first live-action portrayal of [Red Tornado] and that’s really exciting for us. On ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ we’ve had Batman villains and Superman villains and people who weren’t necessarily associated with those characters, and we’re getting to continue that tradition on ‘Supergirl.’ We’re not just having a handful of Superman’s villains on there — it has other DC Comics characters and some big surprises coming the audience’s way.”

The bottom line seems to be that for anyone with qualms, over how a swath of DC characters have been appropriated for the Arrow-verse, expect more of the same from Supergirl. For those who just want to see them in action… expect more of the same from Supergirl.

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Source: Variety

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