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SUPERGIRL: Producers Discuss Plot Twist and Superman II Connections [CBS]

Laura Benanti Supergirl Pilot

Producers Explains Pilot Twist on Supergirl. If any of you saw the premiere of CBS’s Supergirl, then you know that Kara wasn’t the only Kryptonian from her family besides her famous cousin who arrived on Earth. Be careful, there’s a spoiler alert for those who hasn’t seen the pilot yet.

It was revealed that her Aunt Astra (Laura Benanti) also happens to be on Earth prepping to make the planet her new throne, but the only one standing in her way of that is her niece Kara (Melissa Benoist). In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg talked about the pilot twist and on the decision of having Laura Benanti playing a double role as Kara’s mother Alura and the evil twin sister Astra.

“When we were writing the pilot, we thought about that a lot,” said Kreisberg. “For us, we love when you have the hero and villain being linked, and what you can do to make what’s happening between them personal. Nothing is more personal than family, but to then go one step further and have the villain be an exact replica of her mother is going to be really cool.”

The producers implied that they have always planned for the same actress to play both parts. Benanti will continue playing the deceased Alura in flashbacks and through Krytonian holographic technology as well as playing Supergirl’s newest enemy Astra.

“There is also the tie to her home, it just makes it that much more emotional for Kara to deal with,” said EP Greg Berlanti. “Every time she punches her aunt, she’s really punching her mother. And how much of her mother might still be inside her aunt is something we’re going to be looking at as the series progresses.”

Another Kryptonian that Supergirl will face is Non, an enemy that fans of the original Superman film series are familiar with. Non, played by Chris Vance, will also be a big hurdle for Supergirl this season. Kreisberg talked about adding Non to the show, explaining that there is a difference between the Non from the comics, Superman II, and the one we will see on the show.

“The Non in the comic books is not what you saw in Superman II,” Kreisberg said. “That Non in Superman II had been lobotomized. When we meet him, he will not have been lobotomized yet so our take on this character is sort of a prequel to the Superman II mythos.”

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