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SUPERGIRL: Series Introduces Solar Flare Power [CBS]

Melissa Benoist Supergirl Red Faced Solar Flare Scene

Supergirl Brings in the Power of Solar Flare. It was only less than a year when the DC Universe introduced readers to Superman’s newest power, solar flare. Well, last week’s episode of Supergirl also brought in this new power, becoming the first time it has been used in television.

We experienced some flare in Supergirl’s (Melissa Benoist) eyes when she drained out her heat vision on a malfunctioning Red Tornado. However, her new power cost her to become temporarily powerless in the end of the hour. “She, literally, like, put so much of herself out there to defeat this person that she loses everything and she has this solar flare, so she is rendered powerless in the next episode,” explained executive producer Ali Adler told

This was what Andrew Kreisberg spoke of when he teased about having this power create a problem for Kara during this week’s episode ‘Human For a Day’.

It’s something that actually, it’s, sort of, new from the comics. It was a Geoff Johns idea, which was that Superman’s – or any Kryptonian‘s – cells are, basically, suffused with solar radiation and that’s where they get their powers from and the heat vision is an expulsion of that energy,” Kreisberg had said. “You could actually just, basically, run out and you would need to recharge. I was such a fan of that comic and that run and talked to Geoff and said, ‘Could we do something with that?’ and he was like, ‘Absolutely!'”

Kara’s powers seems to work differently on TV than from the comics, but maybe it’s what differentiates her abilities from Clark’s. Nevertheless, this will help in a scene coming up in the new episode where Supergirl tries to stop a robbery without her powers, which was inspired by one of Superman’s stories in the comics. Kreisberg also teased about this when he talked about an Easter egg coming up in an episode from the story ‘Men of Tomorrow’.

“Geoff being such a good friend of mine, I always try to sit down and read anything that he wrote, and I was really digging on his Superman run that he did with John Romita, Jr., who’s one of my favorite illustrators,” Kreisberg told me. “So I really loved the whole ‘Men of Tomorrow’ run. I thought that was a great storyline and there’s a little shout-out in an upcoming episode to one of the themes in that run.”

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