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SUPERGIRL: TV Character Bios Released


CBS Breaks Down TV Characters to Appear on Supergirl. Ever since the announcement that CBS will be adapting Supergirl as a TV series, the network has been busy building the show. Now CBS has just released a list of characters who will take part in the upcoming superhero adaptation.

TVLine reports that the characters for Supergirl have been announced, including Cat Grant and James Olsen. Take a look at the list of characters below along with their bios.

Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers: The show’s 24-year-old lead of the series. According to the comics, Kara was only 12 when she was sent to Earth from her dying home planet of Krypton. When she arrived, Kara was taken in by the Danvers, a foster family who taught her how to hid her powerful gifts from the world. After more than a decade since repressing her powers, Kara is forced to use them during an impending calamity. After knowing what her powers can do for people, Kara decides to embrace her destiny and helping those in need by creating a new identity that people can look up to.

Alexandra “Aex” Danvers: 26-year-old Alex Danvers is Kara’s foster sister, who is described as elegant, talented, and intelligent in the world of science. Growing up, Alex has been a little jealous of Kara but also curious about her abilities, making Alex learn as much as she can about extra-terrestrial life. Alex currently works for a secret government organization, and, along with Kara, will face many challenges, both ordinary and not-so-ordinary.

Cat Grant: Cat Grant is a female in her 40s who is a founder of CatCo, a media company. Kara will be working under Cat as her assistant, described as “J. Lo by way of Anna Wintour.”

James Olsen: To be in his late 20s/early 30s, James is a brilliant and attractive photographer working at CatCo. Being an alpha male, his personality makes Kara fall for him.

Winslow ‘Wynn’ Schott: This twenty-something tech wiz works at CatCo as a programmer, unaware of his own (toying?) potential. Not aware of Kara’ secret, he carries the torch for Kara, whom he lives next door to.

Hank Henshaw: A CIA agent, Hank has been obsessed with aliens. Now in his 40s and in command at DEO (Department of Extra-Normal Operations), he is on the hunt for Supergirl herself, worried that her abilities may pose as a threat to mankind.

The pilot will be written by Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti. They will executive produce the series with Sarah Schechter and Warner Bros. TV.

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