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Superhero RSS: DEADPOOL 2 Starts Filming, Adam West’s Final Appearance on POWERLESS, And More

Deadpool 2 Production

Superhero RSS: Filming Starts for Deadpool 2, Adam West’s Last Apearance on Powerless, And More

In Superhero RSS, we discuss some of the latest news coming out of both film and TV when it comes to comic books. In this edition, we check in some items including Deadpool 2 beginning production and Adam West’s last live-action appearance on NBC’s Powerless.

In this edition of Superhero RSS, we will cover:

Ryan Reynolds Begins Production on Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 has officially started filming as star Ryan Reynolds commemorated the occasion with a behind-the-scenes photo, which takes us to a familiar place. The photo shows Reynolds dressed as the Merc with a Mouth lying down in front of what looks like the X-Mansion. Posting it on his Twitter feed, Reynolds makes a joke saying he came by to visit but surprise, no one is home. Even though we never got to see Professor Xavier or the rest of the X-Men in the first film, here’s hoping that 20th Century Fox can bring some of them for the sequel as it begins principal photography in Vancouver. It’s nice to see that the first stop to film is the famous X-Mansion. Check out the photo and let us know if you’re excited to see Deadpool again in the upcoming sequel. Deadpool 2 comes out in theaters on June 1, 2018.

Unaired Episode of Powerless Featuring the Late Adam West Gets Released

Before Adam West passed away this past week, he made an appearance in the now cancelled NBC series Powerless. The episode never aired after the show got pulled out of the schedule. As a tribute to him, DC Entertainment and NBC ended up releasing the unaired episode so people can get to see him on screen one final time. Adam West also was the narrator in the pilot episode of Powerless. His appearance in the episode ‘Win, Luthor, Draw’ was his return to the live-action DC Universe that should be a treat to fans who grew up watching him as Batman in the 1960s TV series. You can check out the episode below and share your thoughts on it.

Henry Ian Cusick Gets Cast in Marvel’s Inhumans

Rumors have been going around that LOST actor Henry Ian Cusick joined the cast of the upcoming Marvel series Inhumans. It turns out that those speculations are true as the Scottish actor is actually a part of the show. In an interview with CinemaBlend, Cusick confirmed his involvement with the ABC series while sharing some information on his character:

I play a geneticist and his name is Dr. Evan Declan and he’s human. I think that says quite a lot already, if you know the comics, you know where the Inhumans are coming from, so that’s pretty much my character.

Declan isn’t from the comics as far as we know, but there’s a possibility that the he could be influenced by other characters from the comics. Perhaps there’s a chance his name could be an alter ego to a more familiar. Whoever he is, it seems like Declan will have a connection to the emergence of The Inhumans. For now, we can expect to see him when the series makes its debut in IMAX theaters on September 1st before making it’s TV premiere the following week.

Legends of Tomorrow Adds Billy Zane as B.T. Barnum

Legends of Tomorrow has introduced many historical figures from J.R.R Tolkien to George Lucas. For the third season, we will be introduced to another famous name as actor Billy Zane has been added to the cast to portray B.T. Barnum. According to Entertainment Weekly, Zane will portray Barnum as this nineteenth century politician, showman, and businessman who is known for running the popular Barnum & Bailey Circus. According to EP Phil Klemperer, the show’s take on the character will be more of a villain.

I’ve wanted to bring Billy onto LEGENDS every since I saw him in a friend’s comedy pilot. I’m not sure that people know how funny Billy is, although we cast him as P.T. Barnum because we knew that he would be able to find the soul beneath the larger-than-life showman. Truth is, Barnum never said ‘there’s a sucker born every minute.’ He was less a conman, more the father of modern advertising. A guy who made things ‘go viral’ before that was a thing. Sure, in one sense, he’s the villain of our story, but in another, he’s just a guy who wants to put on a good show. Anyone who works in TV can relate to that, right?! Anyway, Billy seemed like the perfect guy to get that duality.

It will be fun to see Billy Zane sharing scenes with his former Titanic co-star Victor Garber,  who plays Dr. Stein in the series. Legends of Tomorrow returns for a new season this fall on The CW.

Black Lightning Showrunner Discusses Tobias Whale and Villain Focus

In early 2018, Black Lightning will make its debut on The CW as the latest DC property on the network. With other superhero shows bringing on different villains from the DC Universe, Black Lightning will be taking on a different approach. During a panel at the ATX Festival, showrunners Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil talked about the direction they are taking for the series. One of the biggest villains from the Black Lightning mythology is Tobias Whale, who is the leader of the infamous The One Hundred gang. Even though no one has been cast as Tobias, the showrunners revealed that he would indeed be a part of the first season. Akil explained that there would be just as much focus on Tobias as the Pierce family instead of doing a villain-of-the-week format.

It’s a character driven show. I don’t know if there’s going to be a fight every week. There’s certainly not going to be a villain of the week. I don’t want to do that. We really want to explore the characters, even the villains. I think one of the most interesting characters right now from a storytelling standpoint is Tobias. Because we’re not having him sort of twist his mustache. His hatred for himself and for others comes from a real place, so we want to know why he’s like that.

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