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SUPERNATURAL: Season 10: Claire Novak Returns [The CW]

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Supernatural casting for teenage Claire NovakThe CW‘s Supernatural fandom received a very interesting piece of news when E! Online released that the show is currently casting for the role of a teenage Claire Novak. Claire (originally played by Sydney Imbeau) was previously featured in Season 4’s “The Rapture,” which focused heavily on Castiel’s vessel, Jimmy Novak. The episode showed Jimmy’s first communications with the angel, his acceptance of his role as a vessel, and the aftermath of saying “yes” to Castiel. It was a heartbreaking transformation from pious family man to a broken man without faith or family – and it was one of my personal favorite episodes.

This was in part because Misha Collins’ portrayal of Jimmy was incredible to watch – as there were such clear distinctions between the man and the angel Castiel. Beyond that, it was also one of the first looks into Castiel’s back story and a fascinating one, at that. My only disappointment with the episode was that we never heard much about Jimmy Novak after that.

Which is where Claire comes in.

Claire’s last appearance on the show left off with her as Castiel’s vessel in order to save herself, her mother, Jimmy, and the Winchesters from demons. In a touching scene, Castiel (in Claire’s body) knelt beside a dying Jimmy Novak and told him that he could finally rest in Heaven. Instead of accepting this fate, Jimmy fought to have Castiel possess him again, therefore sparing his daughter an experience which he previously described as “like being chained to a comet.” After making it clear that Jimmy’s role as Castiel’s vessel would not be pleasant, the angel repossessed him and walked away. It was not shown where Claire and Amelia (Jimmy’s wife) ultimately ended up.

So what does Claire’s return mean for the Supernatural storyline?

Let’s start off with what we know about who her character will be. E! Online described this Claire as a “punk-rock-pretty” angry teenager, who lived in a string of foster homes after her mother disappeared for reasons unknown. This is very different than the Claire we last saw: a young, sweet, religious girl who seemed untroubled, despite her father’s disappearance. The fact that she’s angry and has been hardened by a tough past leads to much speculation about how her character may return. Maybe she has become a hunter, reminiscent of Krissy Chambers in Season 8’s “Freaks and Geeks.” Or, a more troubling possibility, perhaps she’s after Castiel, the being who essentially took her father away from her – twice. With Castiel in a weakened state as he loses his borrowed grace, he might be vulnerable to such an attack.

There is another possible result to Claire’s return that is not so worrisome: we may finally find out what has happened to Jimmy Novak since we saw him last. It’s something fans have been wondering about for seasons, now, as much has happened to Castiel since Jimmy re-accepted him as a vessel in Season 4. In fact, the last Jimmy was really even mentioned was in Season 5’s “My Bloody Valentine,” where Castiel explained that his desire for hamburgers under the influence of Famine was due to his vessel’s love of red meat. Since then, the angel has been disintegrated by Michael, suffered memory loss after possession by Leviathan, had his grace ripped out by Metatron and fallen amongst humanity, and was even killed – however temporarily – by April while in his more human state. There seems to be much doubt in many fans’ minds that Jimmy’s consciousness, or soul, could have stuck around inside of his body for all of that. While there is a general acceptance among some fans that, at some point, Jimmy actually made it to heaven, it would be nice to get a concrete answer about what happened to him from the show. That answer may come with Claire Novak’s return. Of course, as with anything regarding Season 10, we’ll just have to wait and see.

We won’t have to wait long, though, as the “A Very Supernatural Special” retrospective was on yesterday, and the Supernatural Season 10 premiere, “Black,” airs tonight.

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Source: E! Online

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