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Interstellar Movie Poster

Interstellar Infographic, Script Differences, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Comments, and Science Defense. Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar (2014) has arrived and with it many questions, observations, conjecture, and differing points of views on what was in the film, its assumptions, and

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Marvel DC Comics Logo

Marvel and DC Comics Theatrical Release Schedule Infographic. An infographic detailing the 2015-2020 comic book movie release schedule for Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment has been released. The films include Captain America 3, X-Men: Apocalypse,

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The Walking Dead Season 1-4 Infographic. A infographic for AMC‘s The Walking Dead: Season 1-4 infographic has been released. The Walking Dead infographic features the number of character deaths, walkers killed per main character, per season, viewership, and a few more facts and figures.

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Tribeca Film Festival Top 10 Films and Celebs Buzz Infographic

Tribeca Film Festival Top 10 Films and Celebs Buzz Infographic. A 2014 Tribeca Film Festival infographic created from the buzz surrounding ten films and ten celebrities featured at the 13th annual film festival has been released. 

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Woody Harrelson Matthew McConaughey True Detective Form And Void

True Detective Form and Void Clips, Featurette, Infographic. HBO‘s True Detective: Season 1, Episode 8: Form and Void TV show clips, TV show featurette, infographic star Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. True Detective: Season 1, Episode 8: Form and Void‘s plot

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Bathmath Infographic. ‘This is Why Batman is the Best Superhero’ diagram is simple and to the point. Its flaw is that there are many superheroes like Batman that have high martial arts skill that do not rely on a superpower, armor, money, magic, etc. Thor is an example of this. He has

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Marvel Logo

Visual Guide To Marvel Character Movie Rights Infographic. The Marvel movie rights infographic gives a great visual representation of what movie studios own which Marvel superheros and which superhero teams. I am sure Marvel Comics regrets selling off the rights to some of its more

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The Hunger Games Catching Fire

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Quarter Quell Arena Set Picture, Guide. The Quarter Quell arena present in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) from the Francis Lawrence directed film was recently located and photographed by a Google application. The 75th Annual Hunger

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Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Dexter’s Victims Infographic. The Dexter’s Victims Infographic chronicles the kills and murders of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) on Showtime’s Dexter. The infographic includes all of Dexter’s kills from Season 1 up to Season 6 of the show. It does not include any kills from Season 7 because

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Looper French Movie Poster

Looper Timeline Infographic, Rian Johnson Track Commentary. A Rian Johnson  Looper (2012) commentary track and Wired Magazine’s Timeline inforgraphic have been released. The commentary track that director Rian Johnson created to accompany the entire length of the film is apparently

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