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TALES FROM THE CRYPT: TV Series to Draw From the Comics [TNT]

Tales From the Crypt

Tales From the Crypt Series Using Stories from the Comics

The upcoming TV reboot for Tales from The Crypt will be drawing stories from the comics, according to M. Night Shyamalan. With the show using the comic book as a source for it’s convoluted tales, we may expect a modern adaptation from most of these stories according to the filmmaker.

During an interview with Crave, Shyamalan talked about his overall plan for the famous Crypt Keeper. He said, “For me, the Crypt Keeper is kind of a cataloguer of men’s sins. I love that, the dark angel that has all these books of man’s sins and tells you another one.” So instead of writing original material, the filmmaker said that he would be taking stories from the original comics. “Well, I’ll update them, hopefully,” he added. There are a few stories from the collection that may be up for an update. “I have a folder of my favorites, like my 20 or 30 favorites.”

When the site mentioned what the series meant to him, Shyamalan replied, “To me, I grew up in an immigrant Indian house so it was very forbidden … I’d have to sneak over to my friend’s house, sleep over there. I went over to Michael Popky’s house to watch it … it represents forbidden-ness.”

He went on saying, “But obviously you get that kind of forbidden-ness in so many shows now … I do think that the thing that’s solely ‘Tales’ is…You know, that dark kind of, ‘That was inappropriate!’ Funny, scary, weird. That funny/scary mix.”

So will the series also be able to cross some lines like the comics? While he did say “definitely there will be a different line [to what you can do],” the series is on basic cable instead of premium channels like HBO. However, he still hopes it will be “irreverent and okay with doing taboo stuff.”

The Tales From the Crypt reboot will premiere on TNT sometime near the end of 2017.

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